Training Methodology

As a by-product of maintaining long-lasting relationships with client agencies, VCS, Inc. has been able to continually evolve its training methodology. By incorporating real-world results of Law Enforcement training programs over a decade, VCS, Inc. has developed an approach to training that not only improves the technical skill of students but – more importantly – reinforces a culture of accountability, self-control and mature operational decision-making under stress. 

“Thinking Behind the Gun”™

“Thinking Behind the Gun”™ is a training program that seeks to develop operational thinkers who demonstrate strong weapon fundamentals under stress. Our goal is to create mature firearms operators on a shorter timeline and with fewer resources. The end result is a firearms operator with increased confidence in the weapon and themselves – ultimately resulting in tactical patience, better decision-making and better outcomes.

Surveillance and Counter-surveillance

VCS, Inc. has a robust surveillance/counter-surveillance program of instruction based on techniques and procedures proven worldwide in permissive and non-permissive environments.  Our training program is heavily influenced by current law enforcement units which have been using our program for the better part of a decade. 

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